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Version Name. Flash Player New Flash Access content protection features include key rotation support, V3 license chaining, domain support and enhanced output protection and device filtering. Similar to NetStream. Use this instead of NetStream.

It enforces garbage collection of the video frame and related decompressor objects. The video object will display a blank frame after the use of this method.

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The computationally lightweight JPEG-XR format provides more efficient compression than JPEG, enables both lossy and lossless compression support, and adds support for alpha channel transparency. Allows ActionScript developers to take advantage of high performance native parsing and generation of JSON-formatted data.

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Provides smoother, more responsive user experiences by allowing developers to provide hints to optimize garbage collection scheduling. Developers can now take advantage of cryptographically secure random number generation to build more secure algorithms and protocols.

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Improve management of data transfer using the Socket class by providing a new property to determine the number of bytes remaining in the write buffer and a new event for when data is being sent to the network layer. Using these new APIs, developers can build applications such as file transfer utilities that monitor socket progress and provide responsive feedback.

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A new MovieClip. Asynchronous Bitmap Decoding new for Flash Player — Improve app responsiveness and deliver smoother animation by decoding images on initial load instead of on demand. Images are cached as needed.

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In today's release, we've updated Flash Player with critical security and functional bug fixes. We recommend all customers upgrade to this version. Current Flash Player 18 users who have enrolled in the "Allow Adobe to install updates recommended " update mechanism will be automatically updated to the latest version of Flash Player over the next 24 hours.