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The trailer shows you fast-paced action allows you to hear the crisp audio and gives you a good impression of the overall game quality. The reason is that it is abandonware where the original creator has no interest in making money from it or enforcing copyright.

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If you remember the old Halo 2 game from then consider downloading the Halo 2 trailer and maybe trying the game. View full description. PROS See and hear the game that was critically acclaimed in the early s The trailer is exciting and violent without being gory. CONS The trailer only tells a small portion of the story The trailer tries to sell you on its graphics. Softonic review Have you noticed how you cannot buy a digital copy of Halo 2?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Solve your problems with this patch. Steam The ultimate games platform from Valve. Call of Duty New multiplayer map and some bug fixes.

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Download Halo 2 Vista trailer. Free Download for Windows. User reviews about Halo 2. I'd be able to run it on my iMac, since everything in my windows rating is above a 7 apart from HDD speed. Can't say for sure with your macbook though. Why would it matter if it is my first game for Windows Live?

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So, if I bootcamp with Windows 7, Halo 2 Vista will still work right? I appreciate the help guys. So I don;t really have the option to play these games on PC.

I just can't seem to find any videos of the aforementioned "items". Comparatively, the windows drivers for the same hardware are better than the mac drivers for graphics cards anyway.

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If you are on integrated, then forget it. Otherwise you should be able to run it.

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I played Halo2 on xbox and I have played the pc version, I didn't have any real issues with the PC version when I only played singleplayer. What everyone complains about is the multiplayer, which is true. After the success of the xbox halo 2 multiplayer which in my mind is still classic and really fun the PC version was a serious let down. To answer the OP: I don't recommend the other vitalization software for gaming.

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Is it worth it? In my opinion, no. This is not my opinion of the game, or those who play it, it's my opinion of the software itself. The code. Not to mention that Halo Custom Edition is much more open and has more potential for customization than Halo 2 Vista. Out of the box the only thing you can create "custom" in Halo 2 Vista is the actual maps. Vehicles, player bipeds, weapons, etc is all restricted Bottom line - Halo 2 Vista is a bad implementation of a good idea. Save your money and Stay away. On another note: I recently working in an Apple store as a Genius, I quit because most of the "technical support" that I was given from the other staff wasn't "technical" at all.

From my experience, this speaks loads to the type of people who buy Macs, however I'm positive that there are those Mac owners out there that know their systems inside and out. I had similar cases while working as a PC Technician at a local computer parts wholesaler but the problems were generally "technical" if they got to me, meaning hardware or complicated configuration within Windows. When working a normal shift at the store I regularly convinced customers very easily that the 2X price for a Mac was NOT worth, especially when I was able to recommend software alternatives almost every time.

For example, someone comes in wanting to use Garage Band and I was able to listen to their needs and provide them with a better alternative that would work on a PC. I'm sure it helped that I recommended Newegg and always had a small brochure of my own on hand recommending video and text tutorials on building your own PC.

I also included some of my personal contact information in those brochures to make sure the customer could call me if they had any questions.

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I must say that the 12 or so customers that I recommended PC's to have commended me to the Apple store staff, who in turn increased my pay before I quit hah. Anyhow, I keep in contact with these customers in case they ever have problems.

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Most of them are much happier that they bought a PC, the rest are indifferent but appreciate the money I saved them. My point here is that I'm more than qualified to tell you which I think is better than the other. If you're not willing to learn how to diagnose small problems you're having on a PC before calling for support them a Mac is probably for you. Overall they seem to have less software and hardware problems, but their users don't know the first thing about self-diagnosis so they run to the Apple Store and seek out a Genius to do it for them instead of learning I honestly don't need to deal with those kind of people.

PC's are cheaper, faster for your money , and much more upgradable than Mac's. If you're a power user or hardware enthusiast your only option is a PC. If you're a gamer, you can go with Mac if you want to support the brand, but you're going to be forced to use Bootcamp and suffer worse performance than the same hardware would give you on a PC.

Is that worth it to you? If it is, by all means buy yourself a Mac. I'll stick to a PC for all my computing needs and save myself tens of thousands of dollars. The other way is to install windows. You don't need bootcamp if you have X64 vista or 7. I want H2V, there's no way I can get it?

Besides, H2V isn't even that good, you're not really missing out. It's stupid anyways. Got any other suggestions?