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Where are iPhone firmware files stored on my computer? | The iPhone FAQ

On Windows Vista and Windows 7: Then try again. Location on Windows XP: I understand that you are supposed to type in C: Thanks for the info, however, once I locate and open the iPhone Software Updates, there is nothing in the folder. It's empty. Any suggestions as to where the updates are?

I have the same problem I go in the folder and there is nothing in there. It takes half hour to download and then on the last bit it says there was a network connection error but it has done it three times: I found the file just fine, but when I select it for redsn0w 0. Where are iPhone firmware files stored on my computer? Newest iPhone FAQs.

Where does iTunes save .ipsw files?

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What features are hiding in Apple's iOS Add new comment Comments I tried to shown all hidden folders under my username under C: I can't find iPhone Software Updates folder. Thanks in advance. On a Mac: I don't see iPhone Software Updates folder!

How To Find The IPSW File on Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion

I dont have the iphone or ipod Software Updates. Thank you very much helped alot. Where can i find my ipodtouch 2g firmware files on windows vista pls help: I had the same problem.

Thanks- Marc. Thanks all for the information but im still stuck: In some cases, as I already pointed out, all you need to do is delete a. Or how about this? In a recent column , I lamented that Mountain Lion apps that support iCloud always save to iCloud by default; there is no visible option to modify this. However, you can accomplish the default change by editing a. The file is: Because of the dot at the front of its name, this file is itself invisible in the Finder.

However, you can alternatively access the file in the Finder by temporarily making invisible files visible something which itself is done via a change to a. Cache files are stored in the Caches folder of your Library folder. These files typically contain data that are only needed temporarily. As such, they can usually be deleted without any negative consequence.

Doing so can solve certain app-related problems, speed up your Mac or simply free up disk space. However, if you come across a reliable website that recommends deleting certain cache files for some issue you are having, give it a try.

IPSW location in Windows

You can drag cache files from the folder to the Trash. It contains an assortment of subfolders and files used by whatever Adobe software you have installed. These files are placed in the folder when you install, or first launch, the relevant application.

6 Top Reasons to Visit your Library (Folder)

As one example, a friend of mine was unable to get their Privacy preferences in Skype to stick. The settings kept reverting every time she quit Skype. A Google search revealed numerous users with the same symptom. One suggested solution was to make the changes when Skype is offline.

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Inside here, find the folder with your Skype name. Inside this folder will be a file called config. Delete this file. However, they should now stick.

IPSW location in Mac OS X

Speaking of iTunes, the iTunes folder in the Library folder is where the firmware update files for your iOS devices are stored. You may prefer to save the old firmware, possibly to downgrade back to it if you have problems with the iOS version, or to use the file with a device that has not yet been upgraded. Downgrading is not easy to do, but it can be done. To help you match a file to its corresponding iOS device, check out this list of firmware updates.

If you want them back, you be glad to know they are still on your drive. The items are not organized in a way that allows you to easily locate a specific RSS item to say the least! But if it is critical to recover items, you could do so.