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It will show the connection status and view the report if the failure happens. Freeze Frame Data. This tool allows to monitor any data at any period by saving all the previous information. It also show all detected problems and helps to resolve them. Oxygen Sensor Tests.

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This tool allows to display all tests your car had for all individual oxygen sensor. If the car has a problem, this tool will help to determine if the oxygen sensors have fails and detect exactly which sensor. Diagnostic Report Generator. ProScan allows to generate diagnostics report for a car with one button.

Check engine light detector. When a car's check engine light appears, a vehicle will save a code that recognize the problem detected DTC. And the tool will provide a list of such DTC saved with its description so user can detect the problem. This tool is a generic automotive diagnostic scanner and a diagnostics tool that maintain a broad multiplicity of OBD2 hardware interfaces. It allows to view, make charts, log and playback a diagnostics data in present time with the car's OBD2 diagnostic data slot.

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It supports all US, Asian and European cars built after Key benefits are: Customized dashboards, Drag Strip and Dyno feature, Data logging, DTCs, Test results, and other useful features like full support of printing reports, customizable alerts and other. For users that have Mac computers and laptops we can also suggest some vehicle diagnostic software. Here is a list with their pros and cons. User can make a diagnostics of a vehicle using Mac OS and find out the reason of engine indicators without manufacturer's pack.

The connection is simple, and after that user can diagnose and see the results in real time. View engine faults of codes and find out their meaning. Clear the check engine light. Monitor special manufacturer error codes. Create and view records of GPS data. The Auto Doctor allows user to examine and reset the alert codes. If one want to monitor vehicle data in present period of time or turn off the check engine indicator, this can be a very gear.

Key benefits of this OBD2 software: User can see the if the vehicle is ready for emission tests and the transcript of. View fuel consumption and fuel emission. View OBD2 indicators in real time to detect breakings. User can turn between numerical or graphical view of all OBD2 data, imperial and metric units. Possibility to sen this data via email. Reading this information can help professionals to identify the problem and fix a car.

Movi tool has this features in comparison with other software:. User can view real time data to help in the diagnostics of numerous engine malfunctions.

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Read or clear DTCs. Define if emission tests are finished after a repair to provide a pass at an emission testing. View and clear freeze frame data. User can monitor passing and average fuel consumption and fuel economy. Driver can see battery voltage for battery and charging system condition. Monitor a virtual horsepower. Monitoring of virtual torque. Monitor and make a graph to 4 engine indicators at the same time.

The tool saves a driver's sessions to view it after. With a vehicle monitoring application that can be customized based on the needs of your organizations and customers, you can be sure your drivers are meeting best practices. Archer Software is a recognized provider of automotive diagnostic software development for connected cars as well as mobile apps for car owners. You can learn more about our work with car related apps on our Automotive page.

For more information about how we can develop connected car software solutions that are right for you, contact our experts at info archer-soft. Skip to main content. Industries Services Contacts Success stories Blog. You are here Home. These include the format, location, and naming conventions for screenshots, recent folder and file listings, Safari tweaks like history cutoff and DNS prefetching; startup sounds, and even graphical effects throughout the OS.

Crashes, freezes, app instability—particularly if you just installed some new memory. RAM is one of the last internal components Mac owners can still customize—on some machines at least. The iMac in particular still provides a window at the back that pops open and allows you to add physical memory. Application crashes, hard reboots, and freezing are all symptoms of dud memory.

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Even the old sticks of RAM installed when your machine was new can fail, leading to problems. MemTest86 is a free tool for thoroughly testing your RAM and isolating memory problems. Choose the USB boot option from the menu and follow the prompts. There are memory testing tools that run under macOS or via a graphical interface. But the problem with this approach is that your operating system is already using the RAM you want to test. By booting into a lightweight Unix environment, you can test the RAM more thoroughly.

Your Mac is susceptible to malware, even though the likelihood of infection is low. Read More and Gatekeeper to limit damage from errant third-party software. But exploits still happen, and Malwarebytes is a free solution to keep you protected.

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A quick scan from time to time, as well as running the updates when they arrive, should be enough to keep you safe. When you suspect malware is persistently trying to install itself on your machine. Here are the apps you should check out. This is the hallmark of many vehicles used to deliver malware, though the app will also detect benign applications that do this as part of their regular operation.

The app is integrated with VirusTotal protection, indicating if anything unusual is attempting to install something more sinister. EtreCheck is a tool that can detect over 30 minor and major problems with your Mac. It generates reports based on what it finds, so you can ask others to help remedy the problem.

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EtreCheck works in tandem with Apple Support Communities to help users with limited technical knowledge solve their computer problems. EtreCheck will generate five reports for free, which should be enough to help diagnose an immediate problem with your hardware. This is so anyone can use it as a fast diagnosis tool, but also to cover the continued development costs. EtreCheck will then scan your computer for hardware, configuration, software, and performance issues.

Test Disk and PhotoRec are two closely related projects. The former is aimed at whole drive recovery, while the latter is designed to recovery media from removable storage. If your card becomes unreadable, remember that you should not write to it at all until you have tried everything to get your data back. The more you write to the volume, the less likely a full recovery is possible. You Mac uses various boot modes for all kinds of troubleshooting functions.


Here's a guide to what they all do. Read More for fixing a whole range of problems with your computer.