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Resizing a VirtualBox Disk Image (.vmdk) on a Mac

Boot normally the machine, might take a little more to load this new-first time my guess: If everything works, delete the backup. Step 1: Step 6: I think something about the website formatting might be causing some confusion here… When I typed the second command exactly as it appears in the website text, I got an error, same as Frank Arico reported comment dated September 4, The same obviously applies to the rest of the commands in this step. Unfortunately I was left with an unusable system. In order to move the swap out of the way to do the resize in step 5, I needed to use the instructions here: Otherwise the resize was not allows as they were not adjacent.

How to Resize a VirtualBox Virtual Disk in Mac OS

It does not work for me either , fails at step 6. After step 5 I tried rebooting into ubuntu image I was trying to resize and then doing step Was that right? I had similar error too. Correct spelling is with 2 dash symbols betwee5 ubuntu and vg-root: Yes, as commented above, Step 6 is critical — without it, partition size is increased, but actual available size, displayed by disks tool, stays unchanged. Thank you for this guide!

This does not work!!!

Thanks for allowing me to have to configure a new VM and the 20 or so hours of pleasure…. Thank you for taking the time to comment on the post. Could you be a bit more specific as to where it did not work for you? I have done the procedure several times in different VMs and have not encountered any issues. If a specific step fails, I would like to update the post to add an additional warning or check in order to help avoid your issue for other people in the future.

I followed your description and it worked perfectly. Thank you for publishing! I would suggest to add a note about mounting the volume prior to step number 6, as this seems to be a prerequisite to execute the final steps. • View topic - Resizing MacOS Guest VM on MacOS Host - not working

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Related posts: August 21, 0. July 27, 1. April 6, 0. I can confirm that step 6 is unnecessary for my Ubuntu Amit on January 12, Jigar on January 17, Christopher Kelly on September 20, That was easy! Thank you.

Onyx on July 23, This saved me! Uma Maheswar on July 19, A partition with used sectors greater than its length is not valid Reply. All the other tutorials neglected the part about e2fsck and resize2fs Reply. Carlos Flores on November 1, Once restarted Windows in VirtualBox, you see that the hard disk seen in the file manager is always the same size as before.

How to resize VirtualBox .vdi Hard Drive File

That's normal, the virtual disk has been increased, but Windows only sees the partition, it, was unchanged. Once DiskPart launched in a new window, commands to follow are:. You can close the window and check your hard disk is displayed with its new size:.

Since independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices tablets, smartphones on pleasure boats. I'm stuck on the last command. Windows XP refuses to extend the partition all the above went as expected. Does it could be that the disk was not created with the option Dynamics I am not to have done?

If the disc is displayed with its new size in VirtualBox window, that means VboxManage command worked correctly. I have not personally tested the utility Diskpart in XP. You should do a search on the forum virtualbox.

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This is a big help. A big thank you for this tutorial, which is still used today, I was too lazy to recreate a new disk, then, copy one over the other like it is advisable to make anywhere else, your solution is very effective, and very clean! Thank you very much for this, finally it is working!! It is working also for a. Command in Terminal: Volume Name: